Free Spirit Gardens Seed Exchange

Free seeds for everybody!

Master Gardener Anja Lowrance has graciously offered to manage getting the Free Spirit Garden Seed Exchange up and running.

Seed exchanges rely on give and take. You don’t need to give seeds to get them, but if you can, offer extra seeds that you have or save some from your plants this season to add to the seed exchange. That will keep the program going.

How to use it

Anja’s email address:

Click this link to download the document that lists the seeds currently available.

Send Anja an email to request seeds that you’d like.

That’s it! It is that easy.

If you have seeds to share, email Anja with what you have and how many seeds you can share.

We may change how the seed exchanges operates over time as we see how people are using it and/or we figure out something more useful. We will certainly keep you up to date with any changes.

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