After 10 years of Gardening for himself, Matt decided to share his love for gardening and veggies with others, “I want to make southern G-bay a healthier place to live!”






Kimberly has been with Free Spirit Gardens since its inception.  She is the voice behind FSG’s newsletter and is the hands behind the seedlings.  Kimberly is an enthusiastic forager and organic veggie gardener. She brings a unique education in Sustainability and a love of teaching and writing to the team.





This B.C. Native’s motto is “think globally, act locally”
At one time, Marlene wanted to save the world! So she studied metaphysics and spiritually which lead to natural medicine and eventually worked on organic farms to put herself through a 4 year program at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson B.C.
With a recent move to Ontario, marriage and becoming a mother, Marlene now offers acupuncture and herbal medicine consult and treatment.
She’d still love to “save the world” but these days chooses to do so through service to others and leading by example. That is why she’s a proud member of the board of directors for Free Spirit!!
Marlene Pinkerton T.C.M.P.
Collingwood Acupuncture Clinic



Nathan is the son of two former biology and horticulture majors who have transformed every square foot of their suburban property into productive garden, so getting earth under his fingernails comes naturally.

All of Nathan’s friends call him Nate, so you are also welcome to call him Nate. A land use planner by trade, he feels incredibly blessed to live, work, and play in the Southern Georgian Bay area.

Nate loves to harvest nature’s edibles, grow his own food, and enjoys sharing his excitement and experience with others. This pursuit has led him to serve on the Board of Directors for Free Spirit Gardens with other like-minded friends!