Solving 8 Garden Troubles of August

self watering can

I’ve got a couple of gardening habits that surface each year.  One is growing an absurd amount of whatever failed last year.  Another habit is turning a blind eye to problems once the plants are established.  I like to rely on hopes and dreams when I notice blight on my potatoes.

In reality, your garden needs your attention.  It’s like a teenager with their first job.  Yes, they’re starting to bring in some revenue, but you still have to tuck in their shirt tails and stick a carrot in their pocket.  My teens are gonna hate me.

Extreme Baby Carrots

Here are some troubles that you may face in your garden this August:

1) Green Tomatoes:  Most of our tomatoes are very behind.  2 things you can do to help:

  1. Prune the branches that are only growing leaves and that are shading the fruit.  Expose the tomatoes to more sun and heat.
  2. Cover the plants with either a light row cover, or around 3pm-4pm as the sun is weakening, cover them with a clear plastic to keep them warm overnight and remove in the morning.

2) Powdery Mildew:  If it has taken over, you may have to admit defeat.  It’s been damp and cool – the perfect conditions for mildew to breed and spread.  It’s really important to catch it early with a milk spray, but if you didn’t quite catch it, you might have to pull your plants early, roast up some squash (they won’t store as they haven’t matured), and rid the mildew from your garden.

3) Overgrown Zucchini:

  1. Every time a vehicle pulls into your driveway, casually admire the buttons on their dashboard as you slip a zucchini from under your dress onto their passenger seat.
  2. Zucchini Boats
  3. Find the cutest kids in town and convince them to go door-to-door with your zucchinis. They’ve gotta be cute to sell zucchinis.  Send them with a puppy.

4) Overgrown Beans:  This is great, let the bean pods swell, let them dry out on the plant, and bam – you have seeds for next year! Crack the beans out of their shells, lay them out to dry for a couple days, make fun shapes, and store in a paper bag in a cool, dry place.


5) Yellowing Plants (lettuce, kale, etc):  Harvest these babies. Pick a bunch of leaves from them and you may find that they perk up again.

6) Pickle Tea: When you realize the mason jar that you poured your tea into used to be a pickle jar. If I knew what “hashtags” were for I’d hashtag this #hipsterproblems.


7) Potato Blight What potato blight? #denial


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