Instructions for my Gardener

Sometimes when I’m gardening my hair gets caught in and amongst woody shrubs.  It takes 2-3 minutes to free myself, so in that time I recently imagined what sort of instructions I would leave for myself if I was my own gardener.

For example:

1) Bravo on the peppers.

peppers resized


2) Enough with the beans already….I think I said this last year.

3) Have you heard of garden hygiene?  You’re leaving enough tomato blight in the gardens for 7 generations.  Please make sure no blight leaves land on the soil.



4) More potatoes, less beans please.

5) I would really love a rose garden. Wouldn’t it just be lovely?

6) Time to plant the garlic!

7) We should get a load of manure on that veggie garden asap. Only organically fed, local manure please.


8) You’re doing a great job weeding, please keep at it.

9) I couldn’t resist these spring bulbs at the nursery, can you find some space for them?  We might have to turn a new bed. I also couldn’t resist the perennial sale…..we’ll have to really find some space.  


You should try this, it’s therapeutic.  I feel like some of that stuff just got done….by my gardener.


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