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Are you also trying to ignore all of the re-subscribe emails that you’re getting in regards to Canada’s Anti-Spam law?

We don’t really do things formally or by the book…. Matt doesn’t actually read books.   I’ve been hopelessly sifting through this legislation lingo to try to see if our little vegetable growing company needs to do something about it.

In case our future holds a class-action law suit against us for organizing seed-bombing green juice gatherings (sounds fun no?), I’d like to ask you to confirm your love of our newsletters.  If you do not re-subscribe, my heart will break a little.  But, I get it – simplify.  However, if we happen to be friends and you don’t re-subscribe, I might have to un-friend you on Facebook.

Plus the next newsletter is gonna have some pretty critical gardening tips.

Just sayin…..

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1 Comment

  1. We have started to enjoy eating some fresh produce, taste is great.
    There is quite a bit of work to be done, especially weeding, UG!!