A Garden Quiz!


As you read this, please put out your left hand, palm down.  Now prepare your right hand to slap your left hand when you answer no to any of the following questions:

1) Have you visited your garden today?

  • “Yes”= Pat on back!
  • “No”= Handslap.

2) Have you visited your garden at night in the dark?

  • “Yes”= rub fingernails on shirt then blow on them!
  • “No”= Handslap.

3) Have you pinched the heck out of the suckers on your tomatoes?

4) Have you supported your tomatoes with stakes, cages, or both?  Both is kind of the way to go!

  • “Yes”= Do a victory chair dance.
  • “No”= Handslap.

5) Have you thinned:

  • “Yes”= Sound fake trumpet and announce the Queen/King of Gardening is here 
  • “No”= Handslaps. 
  1. Your carrots?

  2. Your beets?

  3. Your kale?

  4. Anything else that needs thinning?

5) If you found bugs, did you:

  • “Yes”= Self hug!
  • “No”= Handslaps. 
  1. Remove adult insects and put in neighbours garden?

  2. Scrape the eggs off of the underside of leaves?

  3. Set up a management effort (ie. yellow sticky traps, cups of beer (for the slugs….), row cover, etc.)?

  4. Do nothing and walk away.  Trick question! Hand slap for “yes”.

6) Did you help out your plants that are struggling to grow ? i.e. organic fertilizer (worm castings, fish emulsion, compost, compost tea, comfrey tea, coffee grounds, etc), harvesting (lettuces and herbs), change location (ie. more sun/less sun), etc.

  • “Yes” = Have some compost tea.
  • “No” = Handslap.

7) Do you have companion plants in your garden ie. flowers, fragrant herbs, etc?

  • “Yes”= Post more photos of garden harvest on Facebook!
  • “No”= Handslap.

How did you do? If your left hand is sore, you better take it outside, throw a glove on it and get to work.  If you have the aftertaste of compost tea in your mouth and a glass of red in your other hand, then hurray!  You are on. the. ball.

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