7 Things you can Sow by Seed right now…..

Think thanksgiving.  Avoid grid lock at the grocery stores and joyfully brag about how you grew your own Thanksgiving dinner by planting these 7 things now:

1) Kale

2) Swiss Chard

3) Bush Beans

4) Turnips

5) Radishes

6) Beets

7) Carrots

Other things you can add to the Thanksgiving table:

8) Your squash and pumpkin plants are well on their way.  You are madly squishing squash bugs as you try to contain these plants that are wildly destroying the perfect garden layout you had drawn at the start of the season.  Possibly scolding them out loud. Once you’ve harvested the fruit in late September, and regained your composure, they’ll keep for Thanksgiving.

9) Your garlic will be cured and stored (click here for how and when to harvest, dry, and store garlic).

10) Your potatoes will also be harvested and stored.  http://www.almanac.com/plant/potatoes

Make a little nut loaf….and your dinner is complete.  Who doesn’t love a nut loaf with vegan mushroom gravy?


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