6 Great Tips for This Season and Next

1: Harvest Anyways  – even when you’re dealing with zucchini returns that are left on your porch in the middle of the night, you’ve gotta keep harvesting them.  It’s best to do a daily harvest in the morning of anything that needs to be harvested, clean it, then find some space in the fridge for it, or bring it with you to work, or around town for random garden gifts.  I’ve found that we’re much more likely to use it and eat it if it’s in the fridge and ready to go.


2:  Clean It Outside – Re-use the water by washing everything in a bucket, maybe doing 2 wash cycles in the bucket. Otherwise all that potable water and earwig poop goes down the drain.  I guess you could also throw some ice in it and dump it on yourself.


I bring the potato scrubber outside, put on the CBC, sit on another flipped bucket….and stare into space for a very long time.

3: Garden Notes – I have made some garden notes already, and I will write a couple more things down this afternoon.  Such as:

  • A drawing/plan of the garden and where problems occurred (blight, flea beetles, etc)
  • Varieties that I really liked and didn’t ie. I loved Scarlet runner beans – they flowered for a long time with beautiful red flowers and they are delicious steamed with butter.
  • Realistic reminders for example “Dear Kim, nobody needs 10 hot pepper plants. Stop hoarding Kale.”

4: Label your new perennials so you know where they’ll pop up next year and also what they are.

5:  Flowers in the Vegetable Garden – I am convinced that by planting all sorts of flowers in my vegetable garden – calendula, borage, sunflowers, cosmos, marigolds, zinnias, and by letting things go to flower (radish, lettuce, lovage, etc), I have seriously dodged bad insect infestations.  I may have to eat those words next year.  At least they’re yummy words.

6:  Stop Trying to Grow Peppers – outside, in our climate, without a little help.  If you really want to get 10-20 peppers per plant, you have to increase the temperature for them.  One of the best things I did this year was grow them in 1 gallon pots in the greenhouse.  You could also grow them under hoops, against a south facing wall, or under a thick row cover.  Here I will show off:

IMG_2749 IMG_2751



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